ALCDF creates opportunities for innovative solutions and development in rural areas. The Albanian Local Capacity Development Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by a group of organizations with a constituency and interest based in the rural areas of Albania. ALCDF is supported in the beginning by SNV (Netherlands Development Organization) and it is part of a Local Capacity Development Facilities network of more than 15 countries.

Partners for Innovation Grant

"Partnerships for Innovation" ("P4I") is a fund envisioned to improve the functioning of the Service Environment through the provision of support to applicants for accessing of Capacity Development Services (CDS). P4I Fund aims to enable eligible applicants to enter into or to expand market activities and generate income. P4I Fund may serve to connect applicants for services with commercial and/or grant financing opportunities

Who can apply?

Applicants who will apply for P4I funding will be formalized rural actors, who seek financial support to gain access to the open market for Capacity Development Service. Eligible applicants could be from the rural areas of Albania. As a result, P4I will consider the following applicants as formalized rural actors:

  • Local authorities including communes, communal councils, regional councils (when they plan to intervene in the rural areas of their region) and village councils;
  • Sole proprietors who possess a NIPT, including farmers, small retailers, and street vendors;
  • Associations of formalized rural actors, based in rural areas or having a defined rural constituency/membership or client base;
  • Small- and medium-sized firms, companies, and enterprises operating in rural areas and owned by Albanian citizens.

What can you apply for?

The applicant can apply only for Capacity Development Services (CDS). P4I – through CDS – offers of an intellectual and advisory nature are supplied by selected service providers using their professional skills to study, design, and organize specific projects, advise clients, conduct training, and transfer knowledge. (PREX ALBANIA) CDS will be co-financed by P4I and will encompass multiple activities and disciplines, which fall within the following four sectors:

  • Local Governance
  • Forestry
  • Agriculture
  • Tourism

These services could include the following:

• Institutional reform, management, and financial advisory services
• Provision of engineering and architectural design services
• Project supervision, social and environmental studies, technical assistance, and training

P4I principles

These services could include the following:
• Productivity of the initiative (effective use of resources leading to increased income, decreased expenditure, increased employment and decreased/diversified risk, and/or an enabling environment),
• Equity and Sustainability (of the benefits)
• Skill-building.

How to apply?

The P4I fund will be open to accept applications throughout the year.

  • There will not be a deadline for submission of the applications.
  • The received applications will be assessed on a regular basis, in three rounds each year.
  • The assessment of the application will take place during April, August and December.
  • Applicants can prepare and submit their applications to the P4I whenever they deem fit, but should be aware that the assessment process of their applications will take place three times a year.
  • Applicants will find the application format at Regional Mentors’ locations throughout the regions or within the ALCDF portal.
  • Applicants will be supported and coached by ALCDF in order to correctly fill out applications and other necessary documents.
  • Application should be submitted in person or via mail to a RM or to the ALCDF office in Tirana. Download Application Form altApplication Form Download Evaluation Criteria altEligible criteria , altIntensive Criteria

What cannot be funded “The negative List”?

P4I will not fund the following activities:
  1. Publication (financial support is not permitted for CDS that are spent on printing proofs)
  2. Study tours
  3. Conference attendance
  4. Training events / attendance abroad
  5. Purchase of software including GIS