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Thirrje për bashkëpunim
Posted: Tuesday, March 17 2015 10:14
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Me financim të Bashkimit Evropian, në kuadrin e programit “Mekanizmi i Ndihmës për Shoqërinë Civile” (Civil Society Facility), Fondacioni Shqiptar për Zhvillimin e Kapaciteteve Lokale (ALCDF), në partneritet me Qendrën Kombëtare Burimore të Trajnimit dhe Asistencës Teknike (ANTTARC), ka filluar zbatimin e projektit “Mbështetja për zhvillimin e kapaciteteve dhe aktiviteteve të Organizatave të Shoqërisë Civile të fokusuara në mbrojtjen e biodiversitetit dhe të mbrojtjes së mjedisit nga rajonet e Shqipërisë së Veriut”. Objektivat e këtij projekti, janë: (1) Rritja e kapaciteteve të organizatave mjedisore të shoqërisë civile në veri të Shqipërisë; dhe (2) Financimi i projekteve të vogla që ruajnë dhe fuqizojnë biodiversitetin, qendrueshmërinë e menaxhimit të burimeve natyrore dhe luftës kundër ndryshimeve klimaterike, nëpërmjet një “Fondi për Inisiativa Lokale” në këto zona.

How rural communities in Albania get the capacity builders they need
Posted: Friday, June 14 2013 16:46

Interview  by Lucia Nass on June 12, 2013 at 19:30 posted in

In 2009, the Albania Local Capacity Development Foundation (ALCDF) pioneered

 a ground breaking concept. Rural communities were not getting the capacity

 building services they needed to advance in tourism, forestry, agriculture, and

 local government. Lindita Manga (photo), Executive Director of ALCDF, explains

 how it all started. “We noticed the disconnect between rural communities and capacity

 builders. What could help to create direct communication and interactions between

the two? We developed the idea of an online platform. Capacity builders would

 have one place to find work, and communities could find the capacity builders they needed.”

It took a long time to develop this platform. Meanwhile, Lindita and other colleagues from

 SNV Netherlands Development Organisation brought together 6 Albanian Associations

 who became the founders of ALCDF. Today, Lindita is paid by the foundation, and

 the founders still monitor if ALCDF plays it role well. I interviewed Lindita to get an 

update of their lessons and achievements for the start-up of LCDF in 

Ethiopia. (also see my interview with Quynh Anh from SPARK - LCDF Vietnam)

ALCDF is represented with two studies in “Albanian Catalogue of Innovations for Human Development”
Posted: Tuesday, December 11 2012 12:30

Two local initiatives assisted and promoted by ALCDF “Partnerships for Innovations” fund were selected by ACTI “The National Agency for Research Technology and Innovation” and BAZH for the “Albanian Catalogue of Innovations for Human Development”.

The meeting took place on 6 December 2012, hr 11:00 at the offices of the Albanian Agency for Research, Technology and Innovation (ARTI) within the framework of the project activities ongoing in Albania for the production of the National Catalogue of Innovations for Human Development.

ALCDF organizes the Agribisness fair in Diber Region
Posted: Wednesday, October 24 2012 11:45

On 12-13 October 2012 ALCDF foundation, in cooperation with the Department of Agriculture of Dibër Region and the support of the CNVP (Connecting Nature Values ​​of People), Societe Generale Bank, KASH, First Financial Development Society (FAF), organized Dibra Agribusiness Fair "Celebrating the Harvest”, an event of importance to the region of Dibër and crowning achievements of small and medium business in this area.


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