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ALCDF creates opportunities for innovative solutions and development in rural areas. The Albanian Local Capacity Development Foundation is a non-profit organization founded by a group of organizations with a constituency and interest based in the rural areas of Albania. ALCDF is supported in the beginning by SNV (Netherlands Development Organization) and it is part of a Local Capacity Development Facilities network of more than 15 countries.

Who We Are

The Vision of ALCDF is a financially sustainable and vibrant Local Capacity Development Facility serving rural communities in Albania. ALCDF is focused on the improvement of the service environment for capacity development services. In particular, the ALCDF focuses on improving local demand-supply-financing interfaces for Capacity Development Services.

The ALCDF is open for rural actors and will be physically present in rural communities for those actors whose mandate is to serve them. The agriculture, forestry, tourism, and local governance and renewable energies sectors hold the most significant potential for rural growth and development because of their importance to the success of rural economies and the well-being of rural communities.

The ALCDF target groups are organizations and individuals demanding and providing capacity development services, regardless of whether they are from civil society, the private sector, or the government.

The ALCDF experience is the first model in Albania that offers two main facilities on Grant making (Partnership for Innovation to fund initiatives of local actors such as testing innovations and scaling solutions) and Brokering (for example, a PORTAL for connecting applicants, service providers and funders /donors or making market information transparent and accessible).

The donor approach to ALCDF support is acting as a bridge to new bilateral economic relationships and seeking philanthropic support – particularly capital pools for social entrepreneurship and self-generated revenues.

Our History