Protection and regeneration of ecosystem and habitats in forest of Helshan village

Project Description

Sub grant reference number: EcoNord R1 - 01
Name of the applicant:Users' Association of Forests and Pastures Golaj, Has
Partner in the project: Directorate of Forest Services Has
Project Area: Has Municipality
Project title: Protection and regeneration of ecosystem and habitats in forest of Helshan village
Project time: 12 months

To contribute towards the sustainable protection of rare endemic agricultural and wild fruit/nut plants in the geographical area of Fushë-Arrëz municipality.

    Specific objective:

  • Building local administrative and technical capacities of public and private organization for the protection and contemporaneous management of private and communal forests.
  • To increase the farmers’ interests through allocation for use of communal forests, to the farmers groups or specific farmers, aiming the protection and regeneration of biodiversity.
  • Implementation of best practices for the sustainable management and usage of primary and secondary forest products to generate incomes for the community.
  • Establishing models for sustainable management and income generation from the private and communal forests, with a possibility to be further replicated even by other communities in the neighbour areas.

    Expected Results:

  • At least 10 rare endemic agricultural plants, wild fruit/nut trees will be explored and collected.
  • Increased awareness of farmers community and increased interest of theirs to protect ecosystem, to preserve and regenerate habitats and biodiversity
  • A surface of 4 hectare forest allocated to a farmers group having blood connections with each other, to conduct regenerating activities and silvi- cultural services serving thus as a reference model to other communities of Krume municipality
  • 1. Increased administrative and technical capacities of the Association of the Users of Forests and Grazes, Golaj and of the targeted farmers to undertake incentives for other projects to protect and manage the ecosystem and biodiversity in communal and private forests
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    • Has
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