Project “Montenegro and Albania towards Zero Waste”


Project “Montenegro and Albania towards Zero Waste” is implemented under Cross Border Cooperation Programme Montenegro - Albania 2014-2020, within IPA II component of the EU instrument of pre-accession. The project is implemented by the RDA BKP acting as lead partner, and Zero Waste Montenegro in Montenegrin side, and organizations ALCDF and Green Line in Albania.  

The overall objective of the project is the protection of environmental resources in lake and alpine areas. Specific objective is: Residual waste reduced through waste reduction, reuse and recycling measures. The specific objective will be achieved through implementation of sets of activities clustered around three results: Result 1: Platform for guiding local communities towards Zero Waste towns created Result 2: Local communities encouraged and supported to reduce, recycle and reuse waste ; Result 3: Sustainability of Zero Waste practices ensured.

  • Region:

    • Kukes