Improving tourism offer in highlands of Albania and Kosovo


Financed by: The Delegation to the European Union to Albania 

Cross-Border Cooperation Programme Albania-Kosovo under the Instrument of Pre-accession Assistance (IPAII) allocations for 2014-2015

Priority: Tourism, cultural and natural heritage are valorized as a way to promote the economic development of the area 

The project is implemented by: 

•Albanian Local Capacity Development Foundation (ALCDF) – Lead applicant

•Kosovo Development Centre (KDC)  – Co-applicant 

•Makedonska Razvojna Fondacija za Pretprijatija (MRFP) branch in Kosovo – Peja – Co-applicant

The Project Objectives:  

Overall Objective :  To enhance the capacities and competitiveness of the tourism sector in the cross-border region by the economic valorization of its cultural and natural heritage  

Specific Objective(s)

(i) To develop and promote new tourism products in alpine areas with direct involvement of local farmers,

(ii) To increase knowledge of local farmers for providing better and quality services for getting tangible benefits from tourism

Target Area: Albania: Kukesi Region (Municipality of Has and Tropoja)

Kosovo- Gjakova, Peja, Juniku and Deqani regions 

Target Groups: Local Farmers; Businesses (guest houses, hotels, small entrepreneurs, producer groups); CSOs (environmental and tourism); municipal staff; youth and women.

Final Beneficiaries: Local farmers and their families of Kukesi region (Municipality of Has and Tropoja) and Kosovo – Gjakova, Peja, Juniku and Deqani region. Population of the project area. 

Project duration: 24 months (1 March 2018- 1 March 2020)  

Budget: 506.415 Euro

Percentage of the EU financing in relations to the total eligible costs of action: 85%



1. Improved Infrastructure for tourism development in shepherd’s huts 

2. Increased capacities of rural population for tourism services in shepherd’s huts. 

3. Unique value of shepherd’s huts  as drivers of agriculture and tourism development promoted


A. Improved Infrastructure for tourism development in shepherd’s huts: 

Two feasibility studies (one for each region) will be conducted and a needs-assessment process will be performed. Identification of themed trail. An analyze regarding the social context especially in regard of gender, youth, community attitudes will be performed. Instalment of 10 Touristic Info Points; 10 resting points;  5 camping sites; marking and signalization of 5 thematic trails.  An Inventory to list and map tourism supply including infrastructure, products, services, sites and experiences in project sites will be performed.   

B. Increased capacities of rural population for tourism services in project sites:

Joint activities on cross-cultural understanding and hospitality. Training of local farmers on small-entrepreneurs  and customer care. Training of local farmers on food safety and production technology. Training of local farmers on eco-friendly methods. Training of local women on traditional products and marketing. Two cross-border trips performed and pool of local guides created. 

C. Unique Value of project sites (natural, historical and cultural) to be valorized by using shepherd’s huts as drivers of tourism industry in the region. 

Biodiversity Mapping Brochure produced. Brochure of tourism promotion in the target region produced. Themed trail maps; organization of photo exhibitions; familiarization trips for tour operators and journalist; organizations of fairs to promote tourism; web-platform creation and promotion. Promotion video of touristic attractions. Closing ceremony.  

  • Region:

    • Tirane