ECO- Nord Forum Purpose, Objectives and Mission


ECO Nord – Forum is autonomus umbrella body of 27 Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) that operate and are based in North Albania with the main focus on environmental and biodiversity issues. The ECO-Nord is a joint effort of the project "Leveraging the capacities of CSO-s in the North Albania ", the so called Eco Nord Project, financed from European Union Delegation in Albania and, the abovementioned CSOs. The agreement between the CSOs and the project was signed on October 10, 2016.

  • ECO-Nord Forum is designed to serve as a tool to better impelement project that create the conditions for a sustainable environment without jeopardizing individual efforts of each members to achive this result.
  • ECO-Nord Forum will contribute to increase awarenes on the paramount importance of environment and biodiversity protection in North Albania.
    Specific Objectives:
  • Share information, experience between ECO-Forum members;
  • Facilitate the collaboration between the ECO-Forum members for matters regarding projects, activities and other initiatives undertaken in North Albania on environmental and biodiversity issues;
  • Increase the already existing channel of communication between ECO-Forum members;
  • Increase the possibility of fund-raising in order to manage funds that serve the purpose of ECO-Nord Forum.

  • Region:

    • Tirane