R2-39 involved 2500 farmers - changed their mentality regarding natural habitats protection


The Project Conservation of Conservation of habitats of special importance use, through methods that promote their sustainable development held its final event, on 30 June, pinpointing the successful accomplishment of all the project objectives. The final event was conceptualized as a seminar where the project staff and all the actors involved were engaged in fruitful discussions. Representatives of Lezha Municipality, ALCDF and CNVP were also present in the event. The event was opened by Zef Imeraj, director of Ecological Club of Lezha. He stressed that the 2500 farmers involved in the project are already using the project products with a new mentality that involves rational use and epxloitation of natural habitats. Mr. Imeraj said that "We succeed in the establishment of hotspots and conducting direct interventions by applying the most advanced technologies; improvement of damaged values of oak zones; improvement of specific types of medicinal plant (sage-salvia officinalis) of economic importance as well as of a plant species threatened at the national and global ; setting up a hotspot indicator on land protection from erosion by use of biological methods of arranging basin watercourses He stressed that the approach used was" learning by doing ". A handy Manual with all the project results was also produced. "We managed to produce digital base maps and habitat maps for three hotspots, using contemporary technologies", said Engineer", Genc Kacorraj, project staff member. "Through this project we managed to re-launch the production of sage-salvia officinalis, stressing the economic importance of Medicinal Plants, " said Jak Gjini, Medicinal Plants expert and project staff member. During panel discussions were raised many issues of paramount importance such as the need of monitoring and inventorying of Medicinal Plants; improving legislation of the field; to solve forest property issues; territorial reform; the need to introduce in school curricula information regarding the importance of Medicinal plants. The participants agreed on the need to have a national strategy to protect biodiversity.

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