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Name: Diber: Trails and Tradition (D2T)
Duration: March 2017 - March 2020
Budget: $1, 046,689
Implementer: Albanian Local Capacity Development Foundation (ALCDF)
Financed: USAID/Albania and Sweden Embassy in Tirana

Albanian Local Capacity Development Foundation (ALCDF) starting a new project in tourism sector, Diber: Trails and Tradition (D2T).

USAID and Sweden are funding a three-year, US$1 million project of D2T - that will advance a sustainable integrated tourism sector in the Municipality of Diber by developing eco-friendly, natural, cultural and agri-tourism. The innovative D2T project is being implemented by the Albanian Local Capacity Development Foundation (ALCDF) in close partnership with the Municipality of Diber, CNVP and the local action group, Dibra Turistike.

Diber, one of Albania’s most beautiful mountainous regions, surrounded by Deshat-Korab and Lure-Selishtë mountain ranges, with 21 glacial lakes, two national parks, and well-known thermal baths, has the potential to support a vibrant tourism industry. Yet, the area has poor infrastructure and road access, there has been little private sector engagement, and high levels of poverty and unemployment persist.

Diber: Trails and Tradition project seeks to increase employment, particularly among youth and women, and to increase incomes of Diber families involved in the tourism supply chain.

D2T aims to increase the number of tourists to Diber and improve the quality of their tourism experiences. Through partnerships with businesses and local government, the project will: develop and market eco-friendly, natural, cultural and agro-tourism attractions, such as hiking and biking trails; improve traditional guesthouses and villages;
introduce self-sustaining energy and waste management systems; improve infrastructure; and train local tour guides.


Working in close partnership with the Municipality of Diber, the project will support improved governance, planning, and public services, foster private sector opportunities and partnerships, and improve the marketing and ICT infrastructure in relation to tourism development.

The project aims to increase awareness of the tourism model, improve the quality and technical skills of producers and suppliers

The project will design, develop, and promote integrated specialized products using evidence-based tools and participatory approaches to assure ownership and to serve as future models.


  • Establish a self-governing, cross-sectoral institution (Forumi Dibra Turistike) which effectively plans, coordinates, and promotes tourism in Diber;
  • Develop a Tourism Action Plan (TAP) for the Diber Municipality through a participatory process with attention to tradition, natural assets, agriculture, sustainability, gender and environmental compliance
  • Improved operation of a quality Tourist Information Center (TIC), via the formation of a PPP and increased staff capacities for the management and operation of the TIC, quality customer service and market information;
  • Create business to business linkages and partnerships among and between touristic suppliers and agriculture and handicraft producers;
  • Build a sustainable marketing plan with an ICT web/social media platform to promote and support tourism in Diber;
  • Train qualified group of local tour guides (guiding services);
  • Develop vocational training, formal internships and volunteer placements for local youth.
  • Identify and develop 5 “day-trip” itineraries;
  • Identify and mark 5 thematic trails, including marking of roads, village signage; hiking/biking/caravan maps; and informational booklets; and
  • Establish of two model traditional touristic villages.

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